Saturday, July 12, 2014

My silver lining.

JACKET, Thrift shop
TOP, Thrift shop
SKIRT, Thrift shop
SHOES, Nike Air Force 1

Long time no see lovely friends! It seems as if I have not only taken a summer break but also a break from blogging. So, what has happened these last few weeks huh? The biggest news is that I've turned eighteen which feels so wrong. Of course I'm happy over it as well but I still see myself very young but the truth is that I am living my last days as a teenager. Probably most people happily greet their new independence when they turn eighteen, but I totally freaked out. I mean the realization that my parents doesn't have the responsibility over me anymore, it's just so wrong, I mean I'm their little girl... Every cloud has a silver lining though, and I know that this feeling will go away any time soon. Anyways, a part from becoming a grown up I've been working (like a true adult) and on my free time I've just spent time with my boyfriend.


My Silver Lining - First Aid Kit