Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey you, tough guy!

Biker jacket & grey manchester shorts - secondhand, shirt - my little brothers, platform shoes - H&M.

I got this awesome jacket on a secondhand yesterday for a price that was seriously ridiculous! It could have cost 10 times more than it did and it would have been sold anyways! And also my new shoes that I got today from H&M. I can't even describe how much I love them. They are so cool.


  1. OMG,You know? just this morning I just bought the same! what a coincidence, right? and yes, I know they are for girl but hopefully there was the size 40 and I can get it! They are extremely cool and I was waiting for my real creepers but I haven´t yet so I bought this, that are similar :)
    I also love so much this outfit!
    Vintage style, dark clothes mixed with pink shirt and those nice socks!
    Very pretty and stilish!
    I´d wish I knew you or live near to me, beacuse you are incredible!