Sunday, February 12, 2012

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks.

Biker jacket & shorts - Secondhand, top & shoes - H&M.

Best right now - Pumped Up Kicks - Flying Penguin.



  1. för mycket bildeeeer. du borde ha MAX 5 st. blir så tråkigt annars så man bara bläddras förbi

    1. Jaa, jag tycker likadant på andra bloggar, men det går inte att välja! Haha jag tror jag måste ta mindre bilder när jag tar, då har jag inte lika många att välja mellan! ;) Men tack för tipset, ska försöka fixa det! :D

  2. another awesome outfit. and one of my favourite songs at the moment! xx

  3.´d better run better run, outrun my gun!♪ I love it!
    I wish I had that beautiful snowed places here!
    All your outfits are awesome, especially I like so much your leather jacket is so 80´s and looks better cool than mine haha and you know that I´m obsessed with these shoes, one question: Are not you cold wearing only shorts and tights? In Spain it less cold than in Sweden and people would freeze if dressed like you! You are brave! I´m so tiring, but sorry, I think I´m in love with you haha,only I would like to know what are you studying :) bye

  4. I like it!

  5. oh my gosh girl, you have such a perfect style!! so happy to find your blog <3

    xx Paula ||

  6. Those shorts and jacket are amazing! Love your style sooo much <3

  7. hi! I have discovered in Trendtation and follow you there too. looove your style. Follow me back please :)) xoxo