Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anything can happen in Rome.

T-shirt - from Paris, shorts - Secondhand.

Rome, SO FREAKIN' AWESOME! The heath, the buildings, the people! It really is how you think it is with guys from Rome. They are super flirty and out going. One night we went to a bar and ate dinner and afterwards we bought italian ice cream (the best ice cream ever), and the guys who worked at the bar flirted and gave us a lot, and then I mean a lot, of ice cream and flirted a little more. Afterwards when we ate the ice cream our bus drivers came and asked us where we had bought the ice cream, and we told them. A few minutes later they came back with a little ice cream in their cone. Anyways, Rome was the best place we stayed at for sure. If you haven't visit Rome you have to, because you can't miss is!


  1. ROME is precious *-* i love the mtv tshirt,

  2. Wow, i want so much to visit Rome! Beautiful pictures :-)