Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Birthday girl.

 Photos by Linnea J.

Happy, happy, happy birthday to meeeee!!! The day started with breakfast in bed both for me and my little sister Petra, she was born when I had my 5th birthday so I got a little sister in present back then. Anyways, after that we went to the beach and relaxed and had fun. All the guests arrived at six o'clock and our home was directly filled with laughter and scream (from all the little ones). It wasn't until everyone had left that I realised how tired I was, so I decided to slow it down and watch Gossip Girl, and here I am. 

This birthday was really great, and now I'm 16.. that's kind of big I think.


  1. Happy Birthday Sweety <333 tomorrow is my birthday too ;)


  2. Happy Birthday! I love these pictures and your style is just amazing! I turned 16 too a few months ago and it feels so surreal still haaha! I still feel 14 :P I am glad you had a nice day :) xxx

  3. Happy birthday for yesterday! You look gorgeous in these photos!


  4. Awesome! you look so pretty! i will folow you!!
    All my love. Mar♥


  5. Gratulerer så mye med dagen på etterskudd! Håper du koste deg masse :-)